1. F O R B E S  T O D A Y  |  Friendship is an art. Not every people talented. Friendship is a miracle. Not every people blessed.


  2. Balada Pegawai

    1. a: Hari ini alhamdulillah, ngabuburitnya dimaki-maki kontraktor sama diteriakin owner. Senin depan harus beres semua aja, kaya bikin candi.
    2. A: Kesiaan.. Heeh, sama di sini juga. Konsultannya nyebelin. Main ganti gambar seenaknya aja. Padahal betonnya udah jadi.
    3. a: Jualan lotek aja, yuk..
    4. A: Har ai Ayang..

  3. For some people, say “thank you”, “please”, and “sorry” is a choice. For me, it was not.

    No matter how close, how intimate you are with your friends, siblings, colleagues, even your lover, those three words will show your truly manner and your class as -what so called- Homo sapiens kind of creature.
    Again. This is not about where do you come from, this is not about how rich and famous your family are, this is not about which university you have graduated from. But how you treat people, how you speak to them, may show your truly attitude.
    Thus for sure, what kind of creature you are..

  4. Bismillah…
    Untuk teman-teman yang sedang mencari pendamping hidup, sesungguhnya bumi Allah itu amat luas. Keep your faith up, don’t stop ikhtiar, and don’t loose your hope. Allah will never betray you.

  5. "What more could I lose than what I found in you?"

    Nice lyrics. Thank you, Dear. :)

  6. The last pieces of Hainanese Chicken at Tampopo, Grand Takashimaya. People said that The Black Pig Tsuke Soba is their best. Hrr, hrr. Why the prohibited one is always tempting? 🙈 #edisilapar #throwback

  7. d e t o x | I really hope this is a good issue to start again my blogging journey after being abandoned for almost a year. Well, here I strike to the point: Being healthy is so so so much expensive than I thought. Those very yummy yet fancy food that I consume will always remind me that my body is a sacred temple that worth to be worshipped.

  8. Have a good Monday! #book #goodreads #raulrenanda #architect

  9. A new toy of My Lovely Toy. Finally he could touch, cuddling, and laughing around because of those fluffy cutie kitten on his project site. They both have those can’t-helped-puppy-eyes. ♥

  10. Very good news news, from the friend who has finished her master degree. The envious thing was, she gets it on her early 23 years old. Wilujeng, Opiew. The third S is already waiting for you on ‘somewhere’! Bismillah!

  11. Cemilan Sorenya @deemaesasura | “Cobain teh hijau deh, Ay! Rasanya kaya ocha!” #kemudianhening (at Jl. Mars Raya 88 Villa Cinere Mas)

  12. Ternyata hanya kurang lebih sepuluh senti di dalam peta, di entah skala berapa. Belum termasuk LDR lah ya. :)

  13. Pagi buta disodorin ini. Udah paling absurd emang, liat mukanya @kitbangkitbang sama @douranggaitem. Fixed, mau ketawa ampe sahur!

  14. L O N G   H O U S E |  Long house or Rumah Betang, located in West Borneo. The structure, architecture, culture, people, hmm, I couldn’t say anything more but adorable! Yet, I had my self fun with my ice breaking time there: ‘piglet hunting’. >.<

  15. iwillnotcarryon:

    I saw this post in Facebook with the caption “apparently Mac supports windows” and I cried

    I cried as well. :’(

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